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1310 Commerce Street
Benton, Arkansas 72015-5054 USA
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General Information: Email info at becocorp dot net

Due to our extensive experience, BECO Corporation can be competitive with a wide range of products, including:

BECO's scope of work is not limited to small-scale fabrications; we provide large-scale projects as well, such as:

We fabricate for new facilities as well as
replacement components for maintenance of
existing facilities.

Our motto is " If it can be drawn, we can fabricate it! "

BECO also has experience with large and cumbersome structural fabrications, such as plate girders and trusses.

Occasionally, larger fabricators call upon us for assistance because our facilities and equipment give us capacities that they lack.

We specialize in custom platework fabrication ranging from
12 guage (3 mm) through 3/8" (10 mm) in thickness,
although we do have the capacity to process thicker material.

Several factors contribute to BECO Corporation's ability to provide your fabrication requirements, including:

We work closely with the customer's design engineers and
the end users to ensure that the product we ship meets the
needs of the customer.

We work to provide delivery within the customer's target shut-down
periods so that down-time is held to the bare minimum.

Even our competitors recognize our honesty, our ability to get the job done on a tight schedule, and our capabilities to handle larger-than-normal fabrications!

We are often called on by our competitors to assist them with items that they do not have the capacity to handle, or when they have scheduling conflicts.

Competitors know that they can trust us to be fair and we often work on a time and material basis to expedite their projects.

These points we consistently express to our prospective customers:

A general fact of life within the fabrication community is that when a fabricator receives feedback from the jobsite, it's usually NEGATIVE feedback; but on numerous occasions we've been contacted by project superintendents and have been told how smoothly their project has progressed due to our diligence and resourcefulness!

You, too, can benefit from our experience and skill!

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Please offer us the chance to prove our worth to your organization!

Give your business our proven advantages!

View our business philosophy & code of conduct.

Our photo gallery contains images which will very readily display our capabilities.

View our plant survey for specifics about our equipment, work areas, size and weight capacities.

Here's a partial list of customers to give you an idea of who we provide services to.

If you require driving directions or if you would like to view
an area map, see our map page

Please email inqueries to our sales department (info at becocorp dot net) or contact us to discuss your fabrication requirements.

For your convenience, you may send drawing files as e-mail attachments to our sales department (AutoCAD 2005, Mechanical Desktop 2005 and Inventor 9 or prior file formats).

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